Other Services

TV Aerial Installation

Arc Up Industries provides TV aerial installation services across the Hinchinbrook and Townsville regions.

Whether it’s a residential home or a commercial establishment, their team is equipped with the latest technology and expertise to ensure optimal reception and quality. This includes the installation of high-performance antennas, precise alignment for maximum signal strength, and thorough testing to guarantee reliable service.

Our team are equipped to handle a variety of installation scenarios, including challenging environments where signal strength may be compromised by physical obstructions or geographical limitations. Our services are not just about setting up a new antenna; we also include upgrading existing systems, troubleshooting signal problems, and providing advice on how to enhance the overall viewing experience.

From the initial consultation to post-installation support, Arc Up Industries provides clear communication throughout the process, helping clients understand their options and making informed decisions. All installations are completed efficiently and with minimal disruption to the client’s daily activities. For those in Ingham and surrounding areas, choosing Arc Up Industries means investing in a service that is reliable, professional, and customer-focused, making them a top choice for TV aerial installation needs.

Data Cabling

Arc Up Industries specialises in comprehensive data cabling solutions that support telecommunication systems, internet connections, and other data network requirements.

Our experienced technicians are adept at designing and implementing structured cabling systems that ensure optimal performance and reliability. By prioritizing a meticulous approach to installation and maintenance, Arc Up Industries guarantees that all cabling is not only functional but also adheres to the latest industry standards and regulations.

Understanding the critical importance of connectivity and the role it plays in operational efficiency, Arc Up Industries offers customized services tailored to each client’s specific needs. Whether it’s setting up a new office network, upgrading existing infrastructure, or conducting repairs and diagnostics on current systems, our team ensures minimal downtime and seamless integration. With a focus on scalability, the solutions provided by Arc Up Industries are designed to grow alongside the businesses they support, thus future-proofing our client’s investments.

Beyond just installation, we provide thorough testing and certification for all installed cabling, ensuring that every setup delivers the highest possible level of performance and security. Our proactive maintenance services help to prevent potential issues before they arise, reducing the risk of costly disruptions.

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